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    1. 3D Laser Marking Machine, MF50-D-A With a three dimensional surface marking function, the focused light spot precision is within a range of 0-60mm, and an even marking effect is guaranteed.
    1. Laser Marking Machine for Denim Fabric, MC350-DJ-A Equipped with overhead projector, which can improve the feeding speed of operator and is more convenient for operating.
    1. 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker, MC275-D-A MC275-D-A 3-axis CO2 laser marker comes equipped with the German Rofin CO2 laser featuring the peak power of 275W, stable optical power output and uniform power density.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MC30-B-A The MC30-B-A laser marking machine takes advantage of an imported RF excited CO2 laser to output stable power with uniform laser density.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-B-A Our laser marking system is fitted with internationally advanced digital scanning galvanometer, and this device boasts small size, fast speed, good stability as well as reliable performance.
    1. UV Laser Marking System, MUV5-B-A Applicable for a wide range of materials, this UV laser marking system can compensate for the inadequate processing capacity of infrared laser.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MC275DLG-D The MC275DLG-D laser marking machine is installed with Rofin CO2 laser, possessing super light spot, stable optical power output, and uniform power density.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MC275-DH-A With Germany imported CO2 laser and advanced 3-axis dynamic galvanometer, this laser engraving machine could process 600×600mm surface at a time.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-L-A This rotary laser marker is a highly automated laser machine that comes with multiple marking stations allowing a number of light bulbs to be marked at the same time.
    1. 3 Axis Laser Marking Machine, MC275-DH-A MC275-DH-A laser marking machine is a multi-functional machine, which is environmental protection and radiation protection.
    1. Automatic Lamp Laser Marking Machine, AL211-A The automatic lamp laser marking machine can mark two lamp holders in less than 4 seconds at the same time, and the positioning speed of the belt conveyor is less than 0.75 seconds.
    1. Handheld Laser Marking Machine, MF20-P-B The main parts of MF20-P-B handheld laser marking machine feature of high performance and stable operation. Our product is provided with fast marking speed, high efficiency, and high precision.
    1. Portable Laser Marker, MF20-P-C With closed structure, this MF20-P-C portable laser marker is safe and environmental protection. The main parts of laser marking machine feature of high performance and stable operation.
    1. 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker, MC180-DLG-B (For Light Guide Plate Processing) Our lately developed economical MC180-DLG-B 3-axis CO2 laser marker for light guide plate processing is characterized by multiple functions, environmental protection and radiation protection.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-E Automatic loading and unloading of materials to be marked, which elimiates the need of manual operation and improves production efficiency.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-E The self-owned fiber laser for MF20-E laser marking machine produces first class light spot. The output optical power is stable with uniform power density, fully satisfying the market demand.
    1. High Speed High-End Light Guide Plate Processing Marker The high-speed high-end light guide plate processing marker adopts a 3D dynamic marking system with a high speed 5-10 times faster than general engraving machine.
    1. Dynamic Laser Marking Machine, DDB-150F The DDB-150F dynamic laser marking machine is a piece of equipment focusing on large-format marking and cutting, emitting laser beams under the scan of dynamic 3D galvanometer to make it.
    1. Fiber Laser Marking Machine, FLM-20 FLM series fiber laser marking machine adopts imported fiber laser generator and high speed Galvo system, which ensures stable laser output and high quality laser mode.
    1. YAG Laser Marking Machine, YAG.50DP-75DP Our laser marking machine has powerful node editing function and vector graph drawing function. The curves can be directly changed during drawing.
    1. Laser Marking Machine, YMRF.30-100 This laser marker features high reliability, non-contact processing, simple installation, convenient maintenance. It can work for continuous 24 working hours.
    1. Flight Line Laser Marking Machine, YMRF.30F-100F Our flight line laser marking machine can continuously work for 24 working hours, with high stability, high precision, and high speed.
    1. Garment Laser Marking Machine, YMRF.30H-100H YMRF.MV10 The special worktable is equipped with a blowing device which provides powerful air flux to level off the garment on the table, achieving better faceting quality.

Welcome to our website! Han's Yueming Laser Technology Joint-Stock Company is an ISO9001:2000 certified industrial laser equipment manufacturer in China. Our primary products are laser engraving cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and automatic computer bender machine, YW-300B, which are CE certified.

Recognizing today's laser processing equipment from many manufacturers has the disadvantages of high cost, low precision, speed and productivity, we constantly work to solve these problems, thus delivering maximum value to our customers. We adopt high performance embedded system, use high performance control system based on the distributed design technology, and employ various control modes to realize the synchronization of laser and motion. This, coupled with optimization of processing technique, nonlinear error compensation of the transmission mechanism and high precision interpolation algorithm based on the machine vision, enables our products to achieve high speed, high precision laser processing. In addition, the use of intelligent processing positioning technology based on machine vision greatly improves the productivity and product quality. Moreover, through the establishment of cooperative relationships with SCUT (South China University of Technology), we've constantly advanced our laser processing technologies.

Today, our laser engraving cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and other products are well accepted by customers in America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, etc. If you are looking for industrial laser equipment, please feel free to contact us! We promise to offer you a competitive price!

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